Saving to Zotero

The process of sav­ing ref­er­ence mate­r­ial to Zotero was rel­a­tively glitch free.  I went to the Blais site and got on to Aca­d­e­mic Search Pre­mier.  I chose the topic of dis­ease and art, located sev­eral appro­pri­ate cita­tions, and saved them to Zotero using both the sym­bol in the URL box and the Zotero pop up at the bot­tom of the frame.

I had no prob­lem cre­at­ing a new folder for the cita­tions, but I ran into a prob­lem when I tried to drag over new addi­tions that I wanted to add to the exist­ing folder.  I synced up the “home” box and the “away” box, but I could not fig­ure out a way to drag new cita­tions to the exist­ing folder.  I tried hold­ing down the com­mand key (Mac user) and high­light­ing the items, but noth­ing I tried allowed me to drag them to the exist­ing folder.  Any ideas?  Richard?  Bueller?  Other than that, it was a pretty straight for­ward experience.

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  1. Richard says:

    Based on your descrip­tion, what you are try­ing to do should work, but with­out actu­ally see­ing what you are attempt­ing or with a bit more descrip­tion I don’t have an answer.

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