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Nitty Meet Gritty

As one of the res­i­dent techno­pho­bic fogeys (thanks, David), I admit I’m also daunted by the prospect of writ­ing html.  The arti­cles helped allay some of my fears, but I’m still strug­gling to keep some of the terms and html … Con­tinue read­ing

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Room with a VUE

So, I too tack­led the VUE visual map­ping sys­tem.  I floun­dered for a while till I mas­tered the but­tons at the top of the doc­u­ment for switch­ing tools. I began a project to map out Black Con­fed­er­ates on the web.  The … Con­tinue read­ing

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Black Confederates on the Internet

So the other night I dove into the fet­tered and fes­ter­ing pool that is the sub­ject of Black Con­fed­er­ates on the inter­nets.  Back­ground: per my pre­vi­ous post, Lost Causers deny that the Civil War was about slav­ery.  Thus, if one can … Con­tinue read­ing

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