Room with a VUE

So, I too tack­led the VUE visual map­ping sys­tem.  I floun­dered for a while till I mas­tered the but­tons at the top of the doc­u­ment for switch­ing tools.

I began a project to map out Black Con­fed­er­ates on the web.  The exer­cise allowed me to see com­mon sources, themes, and tech­niques of these neo-Confederate sites mask­ing them­selves as some sort of trib­ute to the Black men in Grey.  (Hilar­i­ously, I think all the sites I looked at were by white men)  VUE let me see in one glance all the sites using cer­tain com­mon books as doc­u­men­ta­tion as well.  I think this would be handy as a visual short­hand to trace the com­mon path­ways of these revi­sion­ist web pages.

I tried to upload my map to this post, but it wouldn’t take it because of “secu­rity prob­lems”.  Great.  Now I’ll be get­ting a visit from Home­land Secu­rity or something.

PS. We now have the visual map uploaded below:

Map of Black Confederate websites and sources.

Visual map of Black Con­fed­er­ate web­sites and some com­mon sources.

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